"To practice self-assertiveness is to live authentically, to speak and act from my innermost convictions and feelings- as a way of life, as a rule". Nathaniel Branden (The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem)

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This coaching practice was born in 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland, and it has now become an international online and offline practice, offering coaching, education and trainings around mental wellbeing. It was founded by Alessandra Patti, assertiveness coach and mental health first aid instructor. She started coaching people on how to say more No's in their lives, and get less overwhelmed. She has created a 5 step methodology, based on scientific studies, where people learn how to be more assertive: believing in themselves, speaking up for what they wish and create healthy boundaries.

With time, and when Alessandra became a mental health first aid instructor, the methodology has been split into two different directions: assertiveness coaching for individuals, and mental wellbeing coaching for organizations. The goal is one: using coaching as tool for mental wellbeing and stress prevention.

Assertiveness training has been proven to help with self-esteem, performance at work, in educational and leaderships skills, anxiety and addiction. By using assertive communication to open up in a safe coaching environment, we will be ready to start conversation about mental health virtually everywhere and promote the importance of speaking up.







You want to be seen, heard and viewed how you truly deserve it. Language is your best ally, for that! But it comes with a change of attitude too, this is why FindYourWay believes in the power of self-development.


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