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"Because you CAN accept or do something, it does not mean you SHOULD"

Welcome to my website! I'm Alessandra Patti, the founder of FindYourWay Coaching. I'm Italian originally but I'm based in Zurich, Switzerland.


The name of my company is self-explanatory! I want to encourage you to find your way in the midst of confusion and overwhelm. How? By making you embrace your ability to speak up and be assertive as your best resource.


We naturally have self-confidence and assertiveness within us. However, sometimes this power is hidden, and we are made to believe we don't have the worth to stand up and speak our minds. And if we do, we fear the consequences or feel guilty. My answer is: This needs to stop! Speaking up and setting boundaries has an enormous liberating power, and it can lead us to immense happiness. Our needs and the way we communicate them is key to a life free of anxiety.










This paper boat looks fragile and lost, but inside has a great power. Just like you do!#stayassertive #speak up

Let's find your way