"To practice self-assertiveness is to live authentically, to speak and act from my innermost convictions and feelings- as a way of life, as a rule". Nathaniel Branden (The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem)

Welcome to FindYourWay Coaching! I'm Alessandra Patti, assertiveness coach and mental health first aid instructor.

I founded my coaching and consulting practice in 2017, and I started coaching people on how to say more No's in their lives. With the time, I have created a 5 step methodology, based on scientific studies, where I teach people ho to be more assertive: basically believing in themselves, speaking up for what they wish and create healthy boundaries.

This methodology helps you feel comfortable speaking up in any situation. Speaking up and training our assertive skills has been proven to help with self-esteem, performance at work, in educational and leaderships skills, mental wellbeing, anxiety and addiction. It helps also feeling less guilty and have better time management to prevent ourselves from burnout.

You want to be seen, heard and viewed how you truly deserve it. Language is your best ally, but it cannot be sustainable without a transformed attitude: This is why our coaching journey starts with identifying what you want, your goals and your dreams, to then looks  into how to use our confident language in every situation: at work, in teams, with our life partner, when we give feedback and when we ask for what we want.

The fear of speaking up, or wanting to please others can make us taking paths we don't really want! Let's learn how to communicate assertively and non-violently!

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