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I'm Alessandra Patti, founder, consultant, and professional trainer at FindYourWay Coaching.


I created this company with the goal of supporting people being more assertive in their communication style and placing the right boundaries in order to prevent stress. Since this idea was born, we have been currently working with multinational companies, universities and organizations across different industries on their mental wellbeing strategy and prevention plans, through the use of education.

Being a former translator and communication manager, I have extensive experience in facilitating and working with teams across different languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German). I design most of my educational programs with an innovative outlook, to give my customers the best and most professional experience.

My Background & Mission

I was born in Palermo, Sicily, and I have observed the lack of healthy boundaries and the presence of taboo and fear in my own culture, but not only, also in the international workplace scene of other countries I have lived in. We need to talk about stress and mental health, and we need to work on the right communication skills to make that happen. 


I have made my personal and professional mission to change that, by working at the intersection of communication and mental wellbeing.

I have a background in adults' education, linguistics and communication. After many years of working in corporate communication as trainings responsible too, I got extra training in the following disciplines, so that I could start implementing the impact I wished:

- Jungian Psychology; Energy Psychology, nervous system mental health and holistic wellbeing;

- Mental Health First Aid, of which I became trainer and official partner for Switzerland;

- Assertive and effective communication best practices at work.

Being born in a family of teachers, artists and scientists, I don't see the world in categories of science versus humanities. I treasure the marriage of them both.


I base my work on my favorite two pillars in the world: prevention through education. The coaching and trainings offered to organizations are evidence-based and most of them represent the perfect intersection between communication upskilling and mental wellbeing coaching. They address all levels of the organization. BOOK A CHAT WITH ME TO KNOW MORE.


The research behind FindYourWay is based on the benefits of assertiveness skills for mental health, holistic health, and research on communication skills.

I'm a facilitator and active researcher and community builder on the power of authentic communication at BetweenUs at I'm also the co-author of Amazon best-seller in Self-Help, "Activate Your Life."


A but more about me: I have a great passion for reading, writing, learning, dancing and cooking. I used to be a translator, so I am constantly interested in the mysteries of linguistics, and I enjoy travelling and organizing events. ​

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