Who's behind FindYourWay and why coaching?

I'm Alessandra Patti, the founder of this coaching practice as well as a certified mental health first aid instructor,  facilitator and adults' education expert.


 I was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily.

The southern Italian culture can be very collective, and in certain instances the group might come before the individual.


In a culture that places a lot of value into the concept of sacrifice, putting our desires and wishes aside to please others is considered normal. I have come to understand that if we put ourselves constantly aside, we can become truly unhappy.


My Story & Mission

I have observed the lack of healthy boundaries and the presence of taboo and fear in my own culture, but not only, also in the international workplace scene. We need to talk about stress and mental health, but many times we don't know how to use proper communication for our own wellbeing. It can feel lonely.


I have made my personal and professional mission to change that, by promoting assertive communication as a tool to speak about and to have mental wellbeing.

From this important belief, I also became a mental health first aiders, and my coaching services for individuals were born, as well as mental well-being programs for organizations.

Being born in a family of teachers, artists and scientists, I don't see the world in categories of science versus humanities. I treasure the marriage of them both. I love research just as much as I love the intangible.

I simply think that a good coach, teacher and artist needs to see possibilities where their clients might not see them, through the help of both empathy and up to date research on well-being. Coaching is a great way to do that, because it focuses on the possibility of what is and what will be, rather than dwelling on the past. And it works great in mental distress prevention.


I base my work on extensive research on the benefits of assertiveness for mental health and I regularly teach public and companies courses of mental health first aid.  I'm also  the co-author of Amazon best-seller in Self-Help, "Activate Your Life".​ 


About what I love: I have a great passion for reading, writing, dancing and cooking. I used to be a translator so I am constantly interested in the mysteries of linguistics and I love travelling. ​

Are you curious about coaching?