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Alessandra Patti

FindYourWay Coaching - Zurich

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I'm definitely a passionate person, and I listen to people stories with passion, empathy and appreciation. But I never hesitate to poke my clients if my intuition tells me so! I want to unlock people's brain and make them see that they can speak up their mind. The question is always: how you do it, not what you say!

Born in Palermo, Sicily, I have been raised with the "culture of sacrifice" and the respect for authority, which means I don't come first, but other people's needs do. And never question authority. But, even as a child, I was always opinionated, and I thought "It should not be like that! I want  to be able to express myself and figure out my VALUES!"

I believe in supporting others no matter what, but I need to be well myself in order to do that! And I need to choose my battles and my boundaries.

When I understood that, I achieved many things in my professional and personal path:










-  A Master Degree in Translation and Interpreting in Spain, where I lived 4 years

- A Diploma in Digital Marketing and Communication, when I moved to Switzerland, where I was a Marketing and Communication Manager for 7 years for an international company.

- I successfully completed a year psychology school and 2 years coaching school, becoming accredited and specializing in assertive communication.

- I'm a certified mental health trainer (German and English language) and I became a freelance professional in 2018.

I love studying and also teaching... this is why I am on my way to become a Swiss Federal Trainer. 

I'm also  the co-author of Amazon best-seller in Self-Help, "Activate Your Life" - By subscribing to my newsletter, you can get the chapter for free.


My passions beside coaching: books, salsa dancing, cooking, wine, hats, pilates, and foreign languages. I'd like currently to learn Croatian!



 Some people ask me: "What do languages have to do with all this? You were a translator and now a coach! What is what?"-  I answer "Let's all stay open minded here! How do you think I can coach my clients already in 5 languages?"