A good coach, teacher and consultant needs to walk her talk. I practice self-assertiveness and authenticity every day, by speaking up my mind and giving honesty the place number one in my life and my work. Many things make me passionate, but one only is my mission: provide for people's mental health. If we all spoke up our minds and communicated with compassion, there would be less stress and anxiety everywhere.

Born in Palermo, Sicily, I have been raised with the "culture of sacrifice" and the respect for authority, which means I don't come first, but other people's needs do. And never question authority. But, even as a child, I was always opinionated, and I thought "It should not be like that! I want  to be able to express myself and figure out my VALUES!"

I believe in supporting others no matter what, but I need to be well myself in order to do that! And we all need to choose our battles and our boundaries.










I am an accredited and certified coach, adult education trainer, University lecturer (St Gallen Uni, CH) and mental health first aid. I base my work on extensive research, experience with clients' successes and unstoppable reading and writing.

I'm also  the co-author of Amazon best-seller in Self-Help, "Activate Your Life" - By subscribing to my newsletter, you can get the chapter for free. Since I used to be a translator, and I am obsseded with languages, I coach my clients in different languages. Watch the video to get an idea!


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