This is FindYourWay offer for companies mental wellbeing:

- On the right side: you can certify your staff/employees on mental health first aid.

You empower them to help other people at work (available in person or as webinar).

-On the left side: impact the communication style and your culture internally: select the assertiveness skills training. It is scientifically proved to increase performance, confidence and genuine communication (available in person or as webinar).


We all know the importance of communication in our lives, and there are many tools out there.


However, assertiveness trainings, by breaking down the whole “chain” of communication elements, will take you to the next level in your way of communicating and in your authenticity, and will boost your confidence of speaking honestly and clearly in a professional environment.


And it will help breaking taboos on topics such as mental health.

My 5-step methodology has been used also for assertive trainings in different Swiss Universities, and it is very transformative:

1. Speak about the elephant in the room

2. Learn to disagree

3. Uncover the taboos in a safe space

4. Give feedback and constructive criticism

5. Communicate non-violently


Assertiveness communication has proven to improve mental health, coping skills and anxiety. How is it all connected? This very practical workshop with case studies and roleplays will show you.

Duration: 2 days

Short version to try if we are a fit:

3 hours 

Format: online and/or in person



- Teams, willing to create a safe space, enhance creativity and cooperation

- Leaders/Managers who want to learn:

  • How to communicate non-violently 

  • How to  handle criticism

  •  How to unblock and optimize processes that became problematic because of lack of communication

  •  How avoiding conflicts does not work on the long run!


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As official partner of "Mental Health First Aid Switzerland", FindYourWay provides mental health first aid courses, both in person and online, for anyone in your company. Empower people in the organization to have conversations and open the taboo around mental illness.

It answers many of the difficult questions we currently have:

- How to create a safe space in a company to allow employees to speak about mental health?

- How to create mental health ambassadors within the company?

- How to listen non-judgmentally?

- How to handle confidentiality?


-The course lasts 14 hours and it is divided in 4 or 7 sessions, and it provides an official certification valid for 3 years. Available in English and Italian.

- The course can be held in the comfort of your offices or online as webinar.


Next step for you:

Contact me for a chat free of obligations or to set up a FREE mental health day at your company.

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