In the process of making your company a place where mental health is a priority, you can encounter challenges. There  might be communication gaps or doubts about what language is best to use to foster mental wellbeing. 

FindYourWay wellbeing programs are designed to help you navigate all that!

1. Working Authentically: this program consists in a series of safe space workshops where all the participants learn the art of assertiveness. The resources used (backed up by scientific research done by the ETH here in Zurich!) are based on the fact that assertive and open communication foster confidence, which is the door to greater satisfaction and performance at work. Plus, we create a habit within the company: that talking about what bothers us is OK! We embrace constructive disagreements and we learn how to handle difficult conversations about mental health.

2. Mental Health First Aid training: Have you heard about first aid for physical health? I am sure you did! But this is the mental health equivalent! Anyone in your company (provided it has an entity in Switzerland!) can become a mental health first aiders without even being an expert in psychology or medicine! It is a scientific program too, born 20 years ago in Australia and recently adopted and adapted in Switzerland Watch this video to learn more about it!








FindYourWay Coaching, as a mental wellbeing company, is one of the official partners of the program and will certify your employees in person or via webinar (in 14 hours only!). Encourage your staff to recognize the first signs of mental illness and act on prevention! Have mental health ambassadors in your company!

Still not sure? Read the report about the costs of brain disorders in Switzerland




Assertive communication trainings, by breaking down the whole “chain” of communication elements (from our own attitude or defensiveness to the use of non-violent communication) are the best tool you can have to break taboos within your professional environment and ensure great communication. 


FindYourWay coaching uses a method that brings your company through a process of "normalizing" how to discuss about mental health or any other topic.

Alessandra's 5-step methodology has been used also for assertive trainings in different Swiss Universities, and it is very transformative:

1. Speak about the elephant in the room

2. Learn to disagree and stay in the discomfort

3. Uncover the taboos in a safe space

4. Give feedback and constructive criticism

5. Communicate non-violently


Assertiveness communication has proven to improve mental health, coping skills and anxiety. How is it all connected? This very practical workshop with case studies and roleplays will show you.

Duration: 2 days

Short version to try if we are a fit:

3 hours 

Format: online and/or in person


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As official partner of "Mental Health First Aid Switzerland", FindYourWay provides mental health first aid courses, both in person and online, for anyone in your company. Empower people in the organization to have conversations and open the taboo around mental illness!

It answers many of the difficult questions you might face:

- How, as a manager, do I speak to my employees about mental health?

- How to create mental health ambassadors within the company?

- How to listen non-judgmentally?

- What are the main signs and symptoms of the common mental illnesses?


-The course lasts 14 hours and it is divided in 4 or 7 sessions, and it provides an official certification valid for 3 years. Available in English and Italian.

- The course can be held in the comfort of your offices or online as webinar.


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Alessandra, the founder of FindYourWay Coaching and program instructor, was featured on the Swiss campaign in French "Doing nothing is wrong", which means: we can all contribute to support people in mental distress!

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