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Depending where you are on your personal development journey, at FindYourWay Coaching we'd like to start helping you and making you familiar with our work.  You have two choices!

  • A mini-training on assertive communication at work

  • Self-care tips worksheet


They are both connected anyways! Did you know that research tells us that assertiveness training has an impact on people's self-esteem, health, safety at work and general wellbeing? 


Alessandra, FindYourWay Coaching founder, used to be a translator, she worked in communication several years and then became a mental wellbeing specialist. She clearly is both a linguistics and wellbeing geek, and has created the worksheets for you!


Start here! Download them!


Get your Free Worksheet: Assertive Communication at work

Click here to download it now!

Get your Free Worksheet: Self-care tips

Click here to download it now!

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