Less people-pleasing and more self-worth

You want to choose these coaching sessions if you:

- Feel that you are making everyone else happy, but not yourself.

- Feel you are trapped in obligations towards others, and would like to 

say a few more NO's and be more assertive instead, but don't know how.

- Are aware that you could benefit from more self-confidence and self-love.

This coaching method will focus on establishing boundaries. Self-protection does not mean putting up a wall, it means to stay focused on what is important to you. We will discover your needs and values, and explore a more confident YOU!

I use exercises from the book "The Six Pillars of Self-esteem", and from my own book chapter "Activate your Life: the assertiveness companion".

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Protect your boudaries by strenghtening yourself!

Anxiety Reduction and Guilt Management

You want to choose these coaching sessions if you:

- Experience overwhelm and anxiety often, and the causes are not clear to you.

- Manage your relationships by feeling guilty when saying NO, but feel anxious about what you could miss out.

- Experience time is never enough and don't know how to prioritize, and this makes you feel down. You also have difficulties asking for help.

When we experience anxiety and guilt, we feel trapped. As a mental health first aider, I know the steps to tackle anxiety. By coaching you with practical exercises on anxiety reduction and "grounding" techniques, with time you will learn to manage it.


I have experienced that speaking up more clearly and accepting your limits helps being less anxious and less guilty!

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Experience relief from anxiety with some more "speak-up" and self-acceptance!

Learn not to avoid conflicts: speak non-violently!

You want to choose these coaching sessions if you:

- Notice that you avoid conflicts at all costs, even if you have to compromise your beliefs, values or time.

- Always have the feeling of wanting to be liked, accepted, and don't want to "bother" others.

- Feel that you are not eloquent enough during difficult conversations, and need help.

I come from a culture of not speaking too loud. Avoiding speaking your mind makes you voiceless. If this choice is not part of the life you want to build, these coaching sessions will help you navigate LITERALLY THROUGH ANY CONVERSATION.

I use Rosenberg's methodology of non-violent communication.

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If you avoid conflicts to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself.

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