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FindYourWay Coaching is a company focused on prevention. It all started with Alessandra teaching people how to speak up. Standing up for yourself and speaking up can prevent injustices, poor mental health and miscommunication. Give yourself a chance for your voice to be heard.

Individual coaching is an holistic experience with FindYourWay Coaching. Here's the journey one to one, and you can choose one of the following:

1. Self- assertiveness Coaching: the guidance you receive in this type of coaching is double. On one side we work on your self-confidence by achieving a more positive self-talk and believing in ourselves (we engage in practices of journaling and self-care that are the basis for self-assertiveness); this give us the confidence to place boundaries. On the other side, we work on your assertive communication skills. You become able to make requests, disagree, use non-violent communication and speak up for what you need.

2. Mental Wellbeing Coaching: the guidance here is more focused on stress management and in how to build a self-care plan to gain more resilience. Maybe you are working from home and are struggling; I use very modern techniques to deal with feelings of burnout and overwhelm. 

3. Communication coaching for tough conversations: maybe you have worked already on your self-esteem and personal growth, and now you'd like to gain more skills on the communication side: possibly preparing for a difficult conversation at work or to navigate an important change and not sure how to say NO to something coming to you? Then I will guide you through the right approach.

Alessandra has successfully coached people in groups and one to one for more than 5000 hours.

Shake on It

Alessandra says: "My clients tell me that through the questions I pose them, I "unlock" their brain. This is a work that we do together as coach and client, and you will feel safe and empowered. Since I work on the realm of prevention and I'm a mental health first aider, shall you have deeper emotional issues to work on, I have a mental health network of professionals that I can recommend you to. "

If you  feel you'd be more comfortable being coached in a group setting, please have a look at FindYourWay group offer,
he School of Assertiveness", or other public group events

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I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I had told you about! I´m very happy I found a position that suits my needs and wishes. Many thanks for your support. You really told me some things I needed to hear. It was great to have you by my side during this rather difficult time.

— ​ ​ F., Switzerland