Business Meeting


My clients tell me that through the questions I pose them, I "unlock" their brain. I like that, because my questions provoke self-analysis as well as triggering the potential which is already within you.

If you have experienced "talking therapy" before you might know how it unfolds. It is similar, though the focus of the coach together with the client is to find solutions for the present moment and challenge behaviors that no longer serve you.

Because I am an expert in communication, I can coach you not only on mindset, but also on communication style. Never be afraid again of the elephant in the room, learn how to be yourself, take care of yourself and place the right boundaries through the best language that is not aggressive, but compassionate.

I have successfully coached people in groups and one to one for more than 1500 hours.


- Self-confidence: how to love yourself, become confident and deserving of great things.

- How to manage a people-pleasing attitude: say more NO's,

gain time and place healthy boundaries for happiness.

- Assertive Communication: how to believe in yourself, in what you want to say,

and manage the guilt when we are not always 100% for others.

- How to look into anxious feelings:

what do they tell us? What is that we are not speaking up about,

and how to make our voice heard in life and at work.

Alessandra will assess your needs through a discovery call. Shall deeper mental health issues surface, she can also recommend you to a professional psychologist. 



I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I had told you about! I´m very happy I found a position that suits my needs and wishes. Many thanks for your support. You really told me some things I needed to hear. It was great to have you by my side during this rather difficult time.

— ​ ​ F., Switzerland