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These are the main types of coaching you can go through when working with me:

1. Assertiveness Coaching: We work on your confidence, on your ability to speak up and on your communication skills . We learn how to make requests, handle conflicts, speak our mind, being true to our boundaries and manage guilt.

2. Mental Wellbeing Coaching: If you feel particularly challenged by a life/work event  or you feel stressed our and are not sure what to do, I provide you with a self-care plan. I use very modern techniques to deal with feelings of burnout and overwhelm. 

I usually work at the intersection of these two topics too, since assertiveness brings enormous mental wellbeing as it is shown by research.

I have successfully coached people in groups and one to one for more than 1500 hours.


My clients tell me that through the questions I pose them, I "unlock" their brain. This is a work that we do together as coach and client, and you will feel safe and empowered.

Since I work on the realm of prevention and I'm a mental health first aider, shall you have deeper emotional issues to work on, I have a mental health network of professionals that I can recommend you to. 

If you  feel you'd be more comfortable being coached in a group setting, please have a look at my group offer,
the Assertiveness School".

A particular coaching topic that you cannot find here? Let's chat and let me help you find a solution.



I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I had told you about! I´m very happy I found a position that suits my needs and wishes. Many thanks for your support. You really told me some things I needed to hear. It was great to have you by my side during this rather difficult time.

— ​ ​ F., Switzerland