Are you experiencing this? If yes, I CAN HELP YOU.

I used to be this person too. I'm glad I asked for help and support and now my YES's and my NO's are much healthier!



-You don't dare to speak up your mind, because you feel you would bother others. 

- You feel always very tired and stressed out. With a feeling you are not doing what you want and deserve. You feel like a victim sometimes.

- You have a general dissatisfaction and resentment towards your job or the people around you. Especially when you say yes to them. But you feel guilty if you don't please them.


- You feel there is NEVER TIME and that you are JUGGLING your tasks as a circus performer.

- You realize you put pressure on yourself and you are a bit of a perfectionist, but you can't help it.

- You feel you could do something more, something GREAT, but not sure how to being the search for it! Both at work and in private.. You rarely say NO.


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