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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps individuals improve their abilities to lead more effectively. Leadership coaching is designed for managers at all levels of an organization, including the executive level. FindYourWay Leadership coaching provides guidance to leaders in their effort to implement mental wellbeing best practices at the workplace, but it also inevitably supports them in their growth and communication skills as leaders. Many HR professionals, team leaders and senior directors contact us to:

  • Be coached  on how to deal with team dynamics following a mental illness in the team, and  communicate it with confidentiality;

  • Implement guidelines for prevention of mental distress at work and the most adequate trainings for the organization wellbeing

  • Learn about return to work guidelines when employees come back from a burnout or prolonged mental distress;

  • Handle mental health conversations with their reports or mentor their leaders on how to communicate at their best;


This can be done with specific "schooling" days for the individual, or through a series of in person or virtual coaching sessions.

We have a very personal and practical approach, with actions and communication techniques that can be implemented quickly.


Our customers have found this approach very effective, when it comes to employees wellbeing and team dynamics when it comes to mental health. Furthermoe, leaders can work on their own goals and personal development, which has clearly a direct impact on the organization.


Here a testimonial from Wellbeing Project Lead and HR manager at Cern, Marie-Luce Falipou:

"Alessandra's face to face coaching proved invaluable to me as Well-being Project Leader and HR professional. She is very much aware of latest trends and future challenges ahead. Her focus on communication and easy to apply practices when dealing with mental health at work are an asset to strategies I am presently working on. Her holistic and innovative approach for return to work & associated communication is very innovative, and I have certainly improved my active listening skills".

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