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The Art of Saying NO

Leadership Development Training for Burnout Prevention & Stronger Communication Skills

For companies, team leaders, managers and future leaders.

The ability to say NO is intrinsically tied to the concept of self-assertiveness. Psychologists claim that self-assertiveness is a pillar or expression of self-esteem. Self-assertiveness is a great skill to cultivate, especially when it’s well reflected in our communication. It can bring us far and can virtually make us have even the most difficult conversations with easiness.

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Learn how to say no assertively and gracefully at work. And strategically say YES to other things.

We tend to think that saying NO at work takes away opportunities. But we are not refusing to do things, in this workshop we are strategically opening doors to other things, and we are setting healthy boundaries.

Learn time and energy management.

The pandemic made us understand that for many people was difficult to stop working when doing home office. In this workshop we learn when to stop, when to say NO to things that might take energy away and how to repurpose them.

2 Half Days, in person or remote

8 hours with breaks. Two half days and 4 modules. A follow up meeting after a month. Getting upskilled and trained is a good time investment, and the workshop is easy to tailor for off- sites and specific leadership meetings.

It can be held in 3 languages: Italian, English, Spanish.

Learn how to prevent overwhelm and burnout and prioritize tasks also when working remotely.

When we develop our leadership skills, time management and priority setting is essential if we don’t want to be overwhelmed. Even remote overwhelm is now causing a lot of burnouts which as leaders we want to contain and avoid as much as possible.

Be assertive! In your mindset and in your language.

Assertiveness is a great life skill. It is connected to better stress management, more effective communication skills and better decision-making. An assertive leader can handle healthy disagreements and create psychological safety in the team.

An effective, hands-on and well tested workshop

This is FindYourWay most attended workshop and very requested by companies. The blend of training, mentoring and coaching that Alessandra creates makes it very unique, practical and uplifting.

Nearly 60% of leaders reported they feel used up at the end of the workday, which is a strong indicator of burnout

The Mindset Module

Priority, Energy Management and Leadership Development. Let's enter this workshop with a new mindset.

The Burnout Prevention Module

Understanding where the "always saying yes" comes from and potential perfectionism assists us in preventing burnout

The Communication Strategy Module

Here how leaders learn how to say NO and place boundaries in the practice.

The Digital Wellness and Meetings Module

  • Tips on email management

  • Email out of office and vacation guilt.

  • Meetings rule according to Adam Grant

  • Chats and whatsapp for business

Only 20% of surveyed leaders believed they were effective at leading virtually

What Our Clients Say

Cristina, Cembra AG

For me this training was more than rewarding. It was interactive, motivating, engaging; lots of discussions and questions.