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ensa Mental Health First Aid  courses and webinars

Because everyone should be a certified mental health first aider!

One of the key courses that FindYourWay Coaching offers is the certification in mental health first aid. This is an official international certification that teaches participants the best tools to offer help and communicate with people who find themselves the initial phases of mental distress.


We offer this both as a company internal course as well as a public course (webinar or in person in Zurich)


It shows the best practices of prevention, early intervention and support while pointing people in the direction of professional help. Think of a first aid course for physical health: you don't need to be a doctor to help someone in need during an emergency moment  or to prevent people from making unhealthy choices. You can have an impact! 


Through the course we discover:

  • What is mental health, the impact of mental illness and we learn the major mental illnesses. 

  • How to recognize the signs of people's mental distress and change in their behavior.

  • How to respond and approach people if they show signs of mental distress. Even at the workplace.

  • How to start a meaningful conversation with them and point them to professional help.

  • All the resources in  Switzerland and abroad for mental health support.

  • The course is live and the students receive the appropriate study material, such as manual and workbook. During the course there are videos, case studies, roleplays and a lot of interaction expected with other international students. At the end of the course, an easy multiple choice test needs to be done in order to become certified.


Facilitated by Alessandra Patti,
Founder & mental health first aid trainer

A wellbeing and communication consultant , Alessandra became specialized in mental health first aid trainings in 2018 and now certifies individuals and companies worldwide. Mental heath advocate and passionate in communication, she works in the realm of mental distress prevention by coaching companies on prevention strategies. She believes it is important for everyone to learn the basics of mental health and improve communication skills when it comes to mental wellbeing.

One of her first mental health first aid courses in Zurich was featured on the famous 20 Minuten magazine

In this course we cover


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"The first aid for mental health training is a necessary educational step"

Student, Novartis