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Mental Spa Sessions



During the past years of pandemic, people found it really hard to cope with uncertainty, being home and work in the same place, and some of us perhaps neglected self-care. Many of those working from home mentioned the inability to switch off, take a break and do some self-care. As if it was a luxury spa. Well it should not be. In this sessions, Alessandra invites you to relax and take out 30 minutes out of your busy schedule and practice a few exercises amongst which we have:

- Journaling,

- Breathwork,

- Guided visualizations

- Simply be and read a book chapter


Through the use of spa metaphors such as massage, manicure and hot tub, we make self-care a habit.


Because self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity. And it can be practiced.
Mental spa sessions can be individuals too or booked in groups for your organization. Curious? Book a 45 minutes free chat to see whether they are for you.
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