I want to make you familiar with my coaching method. I am specialized in assertiveness coaching. It is not the only guidance I provide, but this framework will help you understand whether our work together would give you the results you wish for. 

1.Self-esteem and self-acceptance work: If I accept my needs, my wishes and believe that what I need is valid, my self-esteem and confidence will increase. This means creating a great basis for great communication

2. Boundaries setting: this has to do with an unconscious (or conscious) people-pleasing attitude. If I base my self-esteem on external factors, I will try to please others in order to feel worthy. If I nurture my self-esteem, I will be able to place healthy boundaries in all areas of my life, without feeling a tremendous guilt. And actually you become more open to others.

3. Communication: how do I usually communicate? Do you get feedback about your way of communicating? Or have you ever asked others how they feel when you give them feedback? If you are conscious about your communication style, and at the same type open to challenge it, then assertive communication will be fascinating for you.

4. Communication 2: Ok, maybe your communication style is getting better and you are open to improvements. However, do you still find it difficult to disagree? Hold the discomfort of a difficult conversation: you can learn a lot. Use non-violent communication.

5. Make it stick: make assertiveness your routine and habit, believe in yourself and check-in with yourself often. Creating a new habit can he hard for others to take, and they might make you feel like you have changed. How to make this change sustainable? We do that together.

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