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6 Practical things to do in Zurich in the upcoming grey months, if you are feeling mentally unwell

There is something that always strikes me when the Autumn months come, here in Switzerland. Apparently, the suicide rate goes up, and the burnouts and the depressions too. I think it can he quite hard to go through the upcoming months if you are feeling lonely, or if you don't have a project, or a partner or family. I work in mental health, and I know how delicate this is. And I know that sometimes people don't talk about it because it is so hard to admit that you are depressed, or that you have any kind of phobia, etc.

Some people are even stigmatized or they fear to appear weak if they talk about the fact that they'd rather not wake up in the morning when there is no sun. For all of you out there who struggle with the start of lack of light , or who just feel worthless because there is no project or love, or job: you are not alone feeling this way. I'd like to summarize a few things you could do. Some of them are activities, others are just link to organizations that can help you here in Zurich/Switzerland, or just listen to you.

1) Ron Orp: no matter if you speak only English or both English and German. I suggest you to subscribe to it, and you get a free newsletter every weekend with tips on what to do during the weekend

2) Slow Down Event: the first Week of November is stress-awareness week, and I organize a Slow Down event for stress reduction. There are 4 stations and a lot of pampering with coaching activities and workshops! Maybe you want to spend the afternoon with us! :)

3) : This website illustrates the pharmacies you could go to in Zurich if you are not feeling well also because of psychological pressure and stress. I think it is an absolutely amazing initiative. They could orient you, even on your nutrition and on professional help.

4) Mental help Café: This coming Thursday, October 10th, there is a FREE event about mental health which is organized by Pro Mente Sana, which is also a Swiss organization that provides phone consultancy for psychological issues.

4) Internatiol short movies festival in Winterthur: why not going there if you are in need of something to inspire you for your next project?

5) Meetup is are great place if you are looking for a community on a specific category. From language cafes to evenings out or hiking and walking.

6) SelfhelpGroups: If you are looking for a group to share your concerns with, this is the website to look at. It is in 3 languages. If you don't speak German, don't worry. Just click on "selbsthilfe gesucht", and enter the word you look for, even in English (some words will pop anyways in German, because of similarity). There are tons of groups, and the location is indicated there. So you could call or go directly and ask if there is someone also speaking other languages.

Trust the process. You are not alone and you are going to be fine. If you feel uncertain on what to look for and would like an advice, just send me an email and I will help!

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