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And what if we are all scared of not being taken seriously?

Authority. Just the word sounds authoritative. Sometimes I am scared of not being taken seriously if I don't show my resume and my degrees and my additional diplomas and my super documents all in one pdf and very neat and perfect. Sometimes I wonder why the word "manager" means so much to many people, and why certain words such as "responsible" sound so heavy?

I think that in general we are all scared of not being taken seriously and we try to follow what is right and what is convenient, in order to have guidance on a series of behaviors which are established. This gives us comfort. For example, with a new business or with a new job, the fear of not being taken seriously can be quite high, because it is a new territory, so sometimes we don't dare to explore certain things which are a bit revolutionary and we stick to what we know. The other day I was talking to another coach with a lot of experience about my fear of not being taken seriously in my profession, and she asked me:

- "How seriously do you take yourself?"

My answer of course was that I was taking my self WAY too seriously, and therefore sometimes I felt blocked in creating more revolutionary content on my coaching website. Because I want to appear professional! It is indeed a good reason, but sometimes trying new things it's important, without being afraid of criticism. And if it does not work, one tries something else!

So, in conclusion, sometimes, because we take everything seriously and we take ourselves too seriously too, we prevent ourselves from discovering something new that might have an impact on our life and other people's. I wish you a revolutionary month! :)

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