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Being in touch is special

This morning I was thinking about my teenager years and then about the times there was no smartphone and constant Internet access. Basically when instant communication, especially with people living in other countries, used to be a bit more challenging. I remember how special it was to have news from people you have met somewhere on vacation far away. I used to say "wow! The Polish girl I met in London just texted me!!!" and my mother would comment "she must have spent a fortune to be in touch with you." Yes, I mean, SMS used to be quite expensive.

I remember when the same girl hand wrote a letter. So exciting! And trying to understand her handwriting was a challenge, but it was so personal. I remember when I got my first email and I thought it was so difficult to manage the inbox (I had 3 emails or so!!).

I remember when I said to myself "I am not going to use this e-mail thing!" or when I thought that Facebook was not useful and that I can easily see a bunch of pictures on my camera.

If someone had told me "One day, you will create a services business. You might not need many paper flyers to do it, you could do it virtually, and you will actually need something called Facebook or LinkedIn to bring your ideas through." I would have laughed!!! I still remember when I printed my CV and went to a hotel in Palermo, Sicily, to ask for a summer job. I remember when they paid me in cash (even though I bet some jobs are paid in cash still in southern Italy!).

I have a very good friend who lives in Australia. I had a NOKIA back then and I had to charge it with 10 euros or so each time, and I did not have enough money to call him, because it would have taken up all my credit. So I called him from a public phone! I remember how special it was to hear his voice and thinking "wow! I am calling Australia." Now I can chat with him on Facebook and on WhatsApp. The only barrier is time difference. And I am glad! If there was absolutely no obstacle, it would become less special. I want to still think that being in touch with people is special. I don't want to take it for granted because, thanks to technology, is easier. I am grateful I am living at this time of our existence, but I will never forget the simplicity of earlier times :)

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