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How powerful you can be when you are powerless..

It has happened to each one of us. That inner voice that tells you that no matter how many great things you might have accomplished in your life, this still is not enough and never will be.. But if you manage to shut down that inner negative voice that comes from within, from a dark world of fear and lack of empowerement, you will be able to see how much potential is there, lying in your powerless moment. Connect to yourself there, try to imagine and remember how you felt when you were confident, when all you could hear were positive voices, when you were laughing... IT IS POSSIBLE! you can go back to that, and you can even be stronger than that!

Maybe you have read it already somewhere, but allow me to repeat it for you:

- Don't compare yourself to others

- Laugh a lot about your weaknesses and make them smaller, thinking that you have other strong points to offer and that make you so unique

- Look in the mirror and repeat "I am good enough"! It really works. For sure today you have done something that is good enough and you should be proud of. Write it down :)

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