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It's Christmas Time... Stress and New Year's Resolutions knock on your door.... How to stay

I know what you are thinking... "Ale. Assertiveness is your solution to all problems! It is way more complicated than that!" Yes... I insist... if you are assertive and say a few NO's, even to yourself... Christmas can be a great stress-free time. Here some of my tips for a stress-free December, and how to use assertiveness for your Christmas to come true!

1) Instead of focusing on your New Year's Resolutions and on all the things you did NOT manage to do in 2018 and that are waiting for you in 2019, well DO FOCUS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS of the year that is passing.

I am sure you have accomplished so much in this year! You laughed, you cried, you have tried new things, you have made effort at work, with the family/friends... I'm totally proud of you!

2) If you think it would be better for you to set a few goals for the year 2019, then let them be no more than 3. You know why? Because probably they are going to be the most realistic ones, the ones you care about. If you have sub-goals related to your biggest goals, focus on a long-term picture in order to prioritize things better and don't overcharge and overload your mind with too many thoughts. If you are looking for a career transition and a career plan for the year 2019, come and meet me...

3) Avoid stress at all costs. If you catch yourself running to the tram or the train (Swiss habit, but it's December...! Let's all slow down a bit), then just walk. The worst that can happen is that you have another tram after 6 minutes. Try to breathe some fresh air and prepare mentally for the day. Take a walk, get to know your neighborhood a bit.

4) Christmas parties: you have the company's get-together, the expat friends get-together (because many of us are expats and we need to leave for Christmas), close friends drinks, manager and employee 1to1 Christmas drink, and you still need to buy all the presents and would also like to go to the gym a couple of more times... Solution: Assertiveness! Say a few NO's and just tell the truth: "Thanks so much for inviting me. However, I can only manage these many Christmas parties, not more. Sorry. I feel tired towards the end of the year. But let's meet in January!"

I am here with you, I believe you can do this!

Signed, your assertiveness companion. Ale! :)

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