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Know when to stop (and you will know when to say No too)

Modern society pushes us to overperform, sometimes. And not only the society.. we do that too. We think we are invincible and that, even if we are tired, we should carry on. Perhaps we are passionate about what we do and want to finish some urgent tasks, or perhaps we are just doing what our boss told us was urgent - and we are afraid of repercussions if we do not perform.

Maybe we just had a very very long day and we would like to chill, or simply go sports or just on the sofa. And yet, we push ourselves.

I want to recommend you: know when to stop. It is important to listen to our body and our needs. When I feel I have taken up too much (and it happens to me even if I love what I do), I go back to basics: I cook, I do girly stuff, I polish my nails, I call a friend, I watch stupid TV (yes, you need that too!!), I go to the gym, or I simply be. This provokes certain effects in me:

- It makes me feel proud: because I listened to my body, so I am basically taking care of myself.

- It brings me in touch with my "weak" part, the part that feels tired and lazy sometimes, and I learn to love it. It makes me aware of my limits, basically.

- It recharges my battery, so that I can think better.

Try this: when you are stuck in a task or have had too much of something, go for a walk, cook something, write, draw or just call a friend. That break can inspire you and can make you even more energetic than before.

Once you know your limits, you have to express them. If you are tired and somebody insists to meet or ask you something, do not be ashamed to say NO. Explain that you have hit that limit, but that another day would be awesome to get together.

Assertiveness and clear definition of your boundaries can help you in many ways.

KNOW WHEN TO STOP! And when you will stop it will be OK, because you will be going again soon!

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