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My feelings on the day of my 10 years in Zurich

Today: 10 years in Zurich, Switzerland 🥰 I took a moment this morning to thank Zurich for all the good the city has done for me. For all those out of comfort zone moments that I really needed, for the kick of freelancing profession, for the learning of different cultures and attitudes, for the friendships, for learning the most difficult language in the world. For welcoming my partner here, Julian, 2 years ago. And then we talked for a moment:

- Zurich: Ale, I am so glad you are here, I don't know what I would have done without you these 10 years. Thank you for persuading some many citizens not to run to the tram or the train constantly and take it easy. People can get really stressed out here.

- Ale: you are very welcome Züri. You know how beautiful you are! So small and yet so big. You have so much to offer, just stay as you are! I love you, especially in summer. I love your latin name, Turicum. It sounds elegant.

- Zurich: Will do. Thank you so much for the compliments. You make me blush, you know that here we are not so used to direct compliments. And, have you become a bit better at driving in the city? More fines?

- Ale: well, much better. Now I know that when the traffic light is in orange I have to stop instead of going faster. And I avoid kreis 3 when driving, because there are too many traffic lights whose green light lasts 2 seconds. I use public transportation more, you know.

- Zurich: Sorry about the long winters, though. I have noticed you had like 4 times a cold this year! Take care of yourself. Maybe you also want to visit the mountains more? Since we haven't seen you so much up there. Come on! you can do this.

- Ale: True story, so please try to keep summer a bit longer this year, ok? And I might then go to the mountains end of this month! Hey but I have learnt to appreciate nature more! You know me, I rather dance in the nature than hike! But I love river swimming. I even have an inflatable boat and a portable barbecue.

- Zurich: Awesome! You are practically one of us. I am glad, let's keep in touch then, happy 10 years, and hopefully many more

It is hard to express a decade of feelings, but this imaginary dialogue sums it up pretty much for me, and I feel very grateful. Now the following step: an Italian who becomes a Swiss national soon. What to bring of your nationality and what to welcome.

Stay tuned!

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