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Personal Reflections About My Digital Life

Updated: Jan 19

Today's society, in my opinion, has a characteristic: short-term memory. In the past, when I had an achievement, I would remember it for days! Now, after two minutes, it seems obsolete because you go on to another piece of challenge or information. It is like the following piece of information would "delete" the previous one. Emotions also last less than before, and you feel everything like in a rush, so much so that you have to download a "gratefulness" app. When I was 14, my emotions about a particular success lasted for days. It was so beautiful. So now, I ask myself: "Is it the age factor, or the new society?" Maybe a mix of the two things. I love technology, but I also like to simplify things, and I like human interactions with no phone. Like there is no time passing. Nowadays, everything goes by so quickly that you don't know if, when you give too much space to emotions, you are missing something related to technology. And while you are on the phone reading or chatting, you don't know if you are giving enough space to nature, to emotions, to other offline interactions. We don't know anymore. Are we being mindful enough.. or not at all?

It's like if the new society was based on a new sense of guilt: the "not doing enough" versus the "doing too much," as if we were torn between which side to take. And just like a hairband, that if you pull too much, it's going to break, I "hide" myself in what I know: reading and writing. And in my videos, where I want to tell the world to come out here and be assertive with me. Those things gave me a comforting feeling, just as a child in a soundproof room, quiet and not judged.

The word of a specific writer gives me pace, or the laugh of a series from the '90s on Netflix reminds me of the past and gives me joy. Re-reading my own diaries and articles brings me back to most uncomplicated times. And, in the end, is it not always like this? Isn't it better that each one of us finds his/her own way?

What is right for you? What makes your heartbeat? And, between the comfort zone and the challenge of constantly coping with new things, between an app and another one, between old and new information, altogether, we move forward.

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