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The gift/burden of adaptability

In my video tutorial here above, I talk about adaptability. Why did I choose this topic? It is an important topic around assertiveness, NO saying and self- care.

Adaptability is very important, and I think that, together with flexibility, is a great gift. Being active in the expat community of Zurich, I truly notice how the gift of adaptability gives great integration.

This is a good thing to have, because it makes us also resilient to changes and to things which are totally different from us.

However, sometimes it can be a burden. Like any other thing which is taken to an extreme, if we are too adaptable, we can get lost. Why? Because we might forget out priorities, limits and what we want. You see, when you are too adaptable with your partner, friends, at work and with family, a FRENESY kicks in. You are nicely rewarded, because everyone likes adaptable people, let's face it. You get great external feedback on how adaptable and flexible you are, and we are all happy and getting along.

After a while, though, if you create a habit and stop presenting your needs to others, and also your preferences, they won't know what you want and like and will assume that you are fine with whatever. This is when human nature becomes a burden: a habit is difficult to destroy.

So, while you adapt, try to establish a few non negotiables for you. How? A short exercise I explain at the end of this video.

Looking forward to having your feedback!!



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