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The real good manager

A good manager is not afraid of having his/her hands "dirty". He/She can do his/her employees' job without feeling less.

A department head knows details of things that maybe not even the employees know. And you know why? Because the bigger picture he/she needs to look at, is also made by the smaller pictures and the annoying details.

He/she is able to cover the team members when absent, and he/she is not looking for other employees to babysit him/her or to delegate a bunch of work.

This manager accepts his/her employees' way of being. This manager believes in freedom, and does not treat the employees like kids. Because they are his/her equals.

Quiet confidence - a concept that I recently discovered. Looks like people who are knowledgeable, but make little noise when in meetings, are not to be able to climb the corporate ladder. Let me tell you that I prefer knowledge to loudness. Because leadership is also knowing WHEN to speak.

This manager has the same commitment he/she is expecting from others, and does not judge. He/she makes constructive criticism and sets boundaries, but at the same time is accessible to everybody.

He/she does not think that senior means untouchable. His/her door is open, and this manager eats lunch or has a pic-nic with the employees, without thinking that this would lower his/her level.

This manager talks about his/her life. He/she does not create an imaginary impenetrable world.

If something good happens in the manager's team, everyone gets credit and is cheered upon. Everyone feels special because of the joint effort.

A manager is a person.

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