The Assertiveness School coaching program consists in 6 weeks of group coaching of maximum 16 people. We meet altogether once a week for 90 minutes.

  • Each session is held online LIVE with Alessandra, your assertiveness coach, once a week. This means we are going to be together for 9 hours across 6 weeks! Easy to schedule and always on the same day of the week. We will use Zoom.

  • Each week homework will be uploaded on a special membership platform, where you can find relevant exercises and material, so you can do your self-study after each session. It won't take you more than 60 minutes per week for your homework!

  • The entire program, which includes exercises booklet, membership area with coaching tools and the live session, costs 187 CHF

Next appointment: February 1st! Duration until March 8th. Look at the timetable! CLICK HERE.


Group coaching might be very different from the trainings that you are used to. There is less lecture time  than a workshop and the power of these sessions come from the interactions that we will create with one another. 


Alessandra, the coach, will trigger powerful questions and walk you through amazing exercises such as roleplays of real situations at work, with your partner and more; plus  guided visualizations and group reflections.

Amongst the techniques you are going to learn there is non-violent communication, assertive body language and tone, coaching cognitive behavioral techniques (to change our perspective on negative thinking) and material against imposter syndrome. 


You will receive an assertiveness booklet with guided exercises to go through after each session. 


Coaching is a motivational and education journey that will make you more optimistic and open to the new assertive you.


You will see that all the people who are there are going through the same struggles as you are, this is why we talk about ACCOUNTABILITY. You will get your accountability buddy throughout the sessions so you are not alone in this assertiveness journey!

What are the 6 modules about?

Module 1: Build a healthy relationship with yourself

Working on how to increase our self-esteem, recognizing our needs, wants and values.

We learn how to make you as your best friend on earth!

Module 4: Boundaries and Time Management

We have worked on ourselves. We feel stronger already, and now we have to make the world understand our new priorities. How? Boundaries baby! And better, more fulfilling and authentic time management for you and your needs!

Module 2:

Self-respect and


Self-acceptance is the antidote to perfectionism and self-respect is the door to increased respect from others too.

We start working on the guilt when not pleasing others all the time and we

re-prioritize ourselves!

Module 5: Assertive and Non-violent Communication

Learn to say NO without saying the actual word; communicate with compassion and respect about what you want; Learn that asking for things is OK. Communicate non-violently and honestly to your manager and colleagues and family!

Module 3:

Self-compassion & celebration

We continue with self-acceptance, but this time we learn how to celebrate for our victories, stop the inner critic and gain a better perspective on ourselves with the help of our friend:


Let's break the imposter syndrome!

Module 6: Assertive Communication & Body Language

Our new way of communicating does not come natural, so we need to share in groups and do roleplay to then wrap up all the learnings from these  6 weeks: let's make assertiveness sustainable!

Am I a fit for the program?

To identify whether you are a fit for the program, read about my ideal client here, or simply book a chat with me

If you have done coaching before, it will be easy for you to relate to that. So it is very similar but in a safe group setting.

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