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The Assertiveness School


Get the best out of your relationships, learn to love yourself, place healthy boundaries in your professional life and speak up your mind with less guilt. Stop your imposter syndrome and believe in yourself! ​


Once you master the art of being assertive, through group sessions, accountability partners and eye-opener coaching exercises, you discover a new world: AMAZING COMMUNICATION, MORE RESPECT FROM OTHERS AND GREAT MENTAL HEALTH. ​


Alessandra has designed this group coaching program after more than 1,500 hours coaching clients on assertiveness, and it is based on plenty of research on the benefits of assertive behavior for prevention of stress, depression and anxiety. ​ It is ONLINE, so you can get coaching from the comfort of your home, anywhere you are and meet other international people living through the same challenges.


 The next assertiveness school will be in September 2022

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The school of assertive attitude and communication skills for better mental wellbeing!
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