How to say No!

One of my most regular and asked for workshops.


Have you ever had that burning feeling in your chest, like being very uncomfortable and at the same time embarrassed, and then all of a sudden your mind went off wondering the following: „Why in the world did I say yes to that request in the first place?“ or „What was I thinking!?!“ And then, you had to comply with that request, head down, feeling a NO would have been much better. Or.. have you ever managed to say NO to a request that was not in line with your values, or to that annoying appointment that you felt you couldn’t get out of, but still felt a horrible sense of guilt? Maybe you even went back and forth with your thoughts about cancelling the appointment and agreeing to it again. And thinking „what if I just say that I’m sick?“ It is totally normal to wanting to please other people and accommodate others‘ needs too, and we all want to be liked. We are social creatures who want to belong. But if this pleasing attitude is making everyone happy but you, maybe it’s time to consider the alternative. What if I could explain you how to say NO without even pronouncing these 2 letters? And what if you could communicate in a way that is absolutely clear, kind, non-violent and fulfilling your values and in line with your beliefs? YES! Indeed it’s possible, and in this 2-hour session we will see how and why it is important for our lives. Both for your private and professional life. Because you deserve it! Along with this, we will do some exercises of guilt management and boundaries, in order to complete our journey towards self-assertiveness and healthier YESs and Nos.