The magic yet odd connection and the value of a woman

Every human being wants a purpose. Each one of us has a different one, and it has happened to many times, to hear that one of the purposes of a woman is to have children.

I have to say, it is true that we are gifted with this possibility, which, if you think, carries an enormous deal of responsibility and consequences such as "will I have to leave my job or can I actually deal with everything at once? " and I have heard this term called "career woman", if you state that you know, you are going to wait to have kids.

Recently, because I'm working in the customer support of a medical company, I read the struggle of many women with infertility. They want to have a kid, they do not manage. They go down, they think they have no purpose. Fertility drugs of course do not help either, because they make you even angrier. There is one thing I want to say to these women: I know you don't give up, I know you are investing all your energies in this, but believe me: you are not less of a woman just because you are not able, at this stage, to conceive. We are human beings with many purposes and we should not make this connection between woman and baby the only possibility for us! We are so much more than that. And this comes from a person like me, who loves children. Please value yourself, always, for who you are. Do not forget it.

You are great with or without child.

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