Waiting or talking?

From my experience in the corporate world, sometimes one is confronted with a dilemma: shall I wait or shall I talk? This dilemma can be applied to virtually any circumstances. Sometimes you are unhappy in your position, unsatisfied with your tasks, or you simply want to propose something new.

If this something new will challenge the status quo (and inevitably this can happen in corporate environment where there is a lot of structure for a reason!), you might encounter resistance. Do you know what my first resistance was in the past? Myself. I hadn't even proposed my idea or challenged something, and my first response to myself was practically copied from one of my managers words: "We have no resources for this, it won't be the right time."

I think there is always that character in every company, that person that says "we cannot do this" and gives no explanation for it. So, if you really want to do something and this something is valid, you have to fight your internal NOs. I usually talk in my workshops about how to say NO to other people. Say NO to yourself first! No to the fear of failure, NO to the undermining thought that your idea is stupid, say NO to those ghost resources that are not enough (is it money really blocking your project? Are you proposing something to a bankrupted organization? Evaluate well the meaning of your proposal, there is ALWAYS a way), say NO to yourself when you catch your mind going like "I will just wait for a better moment to ask for it".

It is true, you cannot talk all the time. You cannot point things out all the time. You have to give it a rest sometimes, and wait for the better way to say something. Turn it on to the right voltage and then just do it! Either you do it or someone else will come up with that idea. And you know why? Because sometimes people drop an idea and there is somebody there thinking "ah, this is a cool idea" and helps this other person to make it happen.

And, honestly, some people do not have many revolutionary ideas in their brains, but are just not shy to say anything that crosses their mind at work. And sometimes it works for them! I still remember the article about how people who are louder and more confident do not necessarily have more knowledge within a company. They are just not so afraid to be heard.

If you think you do have more knowledge and want to make a difference and do something meaningful for yourself, just dare to do it, don't wait up! :)

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