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FindYourWay Keynote Speeches
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Alessandra is a passionate speaker and an advocate for compassionate and assertive communication and mental health. Learn about her most requested keynote speeches that you can use to break the ice for your company's events or lunch & learn sessions.

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Mental Wellbeing & Inclusivity

Because mental health is a human right, we shall never separate it from the topic of diversity and inclusion. So, how can we make inclusivity part of our mental wellbeing agenda too? Stigmatizing and isolating people takes a toll on their mental health: by using inclusive language in our communication, we can provide better mental wellbeing. So what is the best language we can use? In this speech Alessandra will walk you through non-violent communication practice and language tips to make people feel included; to allow us to express our needs by listening to others, even if we fear a conflict with them. Accepting others and self-respecting ourselves. This promotes greater mental and general wellbeing.

Self-esteem and self-assertiveness in organizations

Nathaniel Branden, a famous author and organizational psychologist, used to say that “The successful organization of the future will be an organization geared to self-esteem. An organization whose people operate at a high level of consciousness, self-assertiveness and purposefulness would be an organization of extraordinarily empowered human beings”; but how can we introduce self-esteem upskilling and knowledge in an organization? In this speech Alessandra will inspire you with some best practices to nurture your organization’s self-esteem and your own too and increase your mental wellbeing.

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