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How to say No to Stress and Craving - Where Confidence meets Nutrition

                              When: November 1st, 18.30 to 21.00

                              Where: Impact Hub, Viadukstrasse 93, Zurich

 Price: 75 CHF per person - pay with Paypal or on site (for this last one, please REGISTER)



Body and mind are always connected. In this workshop, we explore together the effects of stress on our body and our mind. This is THE workshop for everybody who is fed up with the vicious circle of feeling exhausted, needing the kick of food cravings and is ready for a change towards better self-care. It is indeed possible! 


The workshop is interactive, containing coaching exercises and group sharing. It provides valuable content and guidance about nutrition and stress and their influence on body and mind. The workshop is led by two experts, respectively in the field of nutrition and in the field of confidence and time management. 

Workshop Topics:

  1. Understanding stress: what happens to the body when we have stress 

  2. Cravings: the influence of food when we are stressed

  3. How stress can be related to poor time management and lack of self-care

  4. How to break the vicious circle of pressure and cravings

After the workshop...


- You understand your cravings and their impact on your body and mind

- You know what is making you feel under pressure and how to control it better

- You won't feel alone in this change journey anymore!

- You feel motivated to take better care of yourself

- You have the opportunity to access special offers as one of the workshop participants and get discounts on nutrition and/or confidence coaching projects to continue your change journey

                                                                              About the speakers:













Jenneke van Rijn, born and raised in the Netherlands, mother of two, is an accredited nutrition therapist. She has her own practice in Zürich, offering personal nutrition consultations and workshops for both kids and adults.

Areas of expertise:

  • Digestive problems

  • Stress Management

  • Food intolerances & nutritional deficiencies

  • Weight Management

  • Sports Nutrition

¨My aim is to help people establish a healthy relationship with food. To increase awareness and understanding of the endless possibilities food can help to make you feel better, from the inside out."

Alessandra Patti, originally from Italy, is an accredited practitioner coach and founder of FindYourWay Coaching Services in Zurich. She offers coaching programs and workshops for both individuals and companies on the following areas:

  • Assertiveness at the workplace

  • How to say No to the task, but yes to the person

  • Time management, priorities and life/work balance

  • Language transformation techniques to become more confident when saying NO

She is also the co-author of a coaching book "Activate Your Life", where she invented an exercise called "The assertiveness companion", where she bridges confidence and body language for assertiveness.


In her free time, she loves salsa dancing, sports and reading.  


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