I just wanted to let you know that I got the job I had told you about! I´m very happy I found a position that suits my needs and wishes.


Many thanks for your support. You really told me some things I needed to hear. It was great to have you by my side during this rather difficult time.

F., Switzerland

The assertiveness course is a great course! We should have more classes like this at HSG. 

Student, Uni St Gallen

Valeria Perucco

My coach has been supporting me since April 2017 and helped me achieve many good results!


What I most loved of Alessandra's approach with me  is her concrete way of letting me understanding where is my wrong perception of the reality. 


Thank to Alessandra I could become way MORE aware of this inner mechanism. I like her practical approach. Nothing is abstract or far away from my reality. 


She is very straightforward, positive and enlightening. Her Sense of humor is also a big PLUS!

Antonio Oliva,

Career Coach

Ale coached me in few occasions supporting me in some important decision making and also in get clarity about personal issues. Thanks her tremendous ability of empathizing and through her key question setting, she has always been able to get to the heart of the matter and overcome my mental blockades.

Alessandra gave a highly thought through and engaging course on "How to say No" for Curious Courses. She is a natural and engaging speaker, keeping her audience captivated and interested in what she has to say. Through different exercises and role plays, she was able to get the participants sharing, exploring the situations and finding good solutions. I highly recommend Alessandra as a speaker, she is a pleasure to work with

Selina Man Karlsson

Rapid Transformation Therapist, Zurich

Gabriel Nunez, Customer Specialist, Valspar

Alessandra helped me navigate the waters of my separation. She helped me remember that I am important, that I have a value, and that I have the right to be happy.

Thank you, Alessandra, for listening to my craziness without judging me!

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