Our worries on how we look, or the urgency of the video task, together with a possible business result out of it makes the task hard!


NO WORRIES... As a former marketer and current co-author, I can give you ideas for wonderful scripts, I can warm you up before the video and increase your confidence with assertive body postures  and coach you while a professional video cameraman records you!


Click on what interests you and I will get back to you:


Offer 1: I need a script and confidence coaching

Offer 2: I need the above and also a professional cameraman (coming soon)





This is the motto of this short video and also the exact moment where I had the idea of offering this innovative service to you, among my coaching offer!

I love to express how I feel in camera, also because it can reach people everywhere. But, even if I am extroverted, being on camera and feel good about ourselves is not always an easy task.


We might be thinking too much, or lack ideas and confidence at the moment we are in a new setting, or simply sitting on our sofa!








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