What is self-assertiveness?



According to Nathaniel Branden, author of The Six Pillar of Self-Esteem and source of my work inspiration, self-assertiveness "means to honor my wants and needs, and find an appropriate form of their expression in reality."


Assertiveness is the highest form of self-respect and authenticity, because it promotes honesty and empowerment in each one of us. With this type of coaching:


  • You honor first your values and needs, which represent who you are

  • You are coached on how to communicate them to your environment

  • You create boundaries which will protect you from being overwhelmed

  • You gain incredible confidence, by being true to yourself

  • You change your mindset to more self-expression, less guilt and less anxiety. This gives you better mental health




Why being more authentic helps having less anxiety?













Psychologists classify anxiety as a future-oriented fear (Barlow 2002). It is a feeling connected to uncertainty and massive worry, and it is most uncomfortable. Assertiveness and authenticity imply the use of honesty and transparency. This creates greater calm in individuals, and allows:

  • Better boundaries (which decrease the anxiety from people pleasing and bad time management)

  •  Freedom, happiness, better confidence (more resilience)

  •  Better decision-making and better focus (usually compromised by anxiety) 

  • If you are faced with uncertainty, self-assertiveness makes you think more clearly and stand up for what you believe












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