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It is vital to prioritize mental health in your organization structure and processes.

And there are different ways in which you, as an organization, can contribute to your employees' mental well-being. You can support, prevent and normalize mental distress as a topic, also by providing your employees with the right communication tools to be able to talk about it.

FindYourWay offers a range of mental well-being programs that touch all of those elements.

Mental well-being at the workplace is a journey of many layers, and it is sometimes not so straightforward. It might start with a simple mental health conversation, and it can continue with normalizing it just as if we were talking about physical health. 

Depending where you are on your journey, FindYourWay can assist you with different tools.




The range of mental well-being programs includes mental health awareness sessions, remote burn-out prevention workshops as well as group coaching on a variety of topics such as self-care and stress. Many of these concepts are currently taught by Alessandra in the well-known St Gallen University in Switzerland.

FindYourWay is pioneering the use of non-violent communication and assertiveness coaching into its well-being sessions. Read an interesting article about this research.

  1. Mental Health Awareness Sessions (1.5 hr, or tailored): Through these sessions the company learns about the current global mental health situation; why mental health at the workplace is important and how to handle conversations on the topic in a safe space and how to normalize it with colleagues and within teams. We learn active listening, self-care, coping strategies against stress and we learn how when and where to ask for professional help.

  2. Burn-Out Prevention based on Assertive Communication (3 hrs): ​Burn-out has been defined as an "occupational syndrome" and it can certainly happen at home as well, not only in an office. Working remotely is becoming the habit, and it is not easy to monitor employees mental health in the distance. We learn how to do that, how written communication can impact our well-being and we look into boundaries creation. An authentic holistic journey for self-care that lasts.


  • Group coaching consists in focus groups, of max 15 people, where specific topics are discussed and shared with the guidance of a coach.

  • Science backs up the benefits of sharing in groups because of the accountability that is created. ​

  • As a company, you can purchase a certain number of coaching hours and we will help you allocate it by topic and by region, shall your company have different locations. We offer a variety of languages too: English, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

  • Exercises, roleplays, and case studies are used to support the employees having tangible results in their challenges. Most wanted topics are stress management, remote work, assertive communication, boundaries, perfectionism, leadership and dealing with uncertainty.



FindYourWay, as official partner of Mental Health First Aid Switzerland, offers a 12-hours certification to those in companies who wish to learn about mental illnesses more deeply and want to become mental health first aiders.  You don't need to be an expert on mental health to participate. Watch this video to find our more or contact me for more information.

Book your strategy call to understand how  to implement these tools, and strengthen your employer branding!



Thank you for offering the assertiveness course.

Especially during these harder and quite sad times.

It always lifted me up learning from you. I felt the positivity as well as the energy you shared, and I am grateful for that. ​ ​

- Laura, student University of St Gallen


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