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It is vital to prioritize mental health in your organization structure and processes, and having a long-term plan. There are many ways to do that.

You can act on mental distress prevention but also on supporting and normalizing conversations about mental well-being.


How? By providing your employees with the right communication tools to be able to talk about it, and creating programs that support self-care, personal growth and even certify for mental first aid.

FindYourWay offers all these elements, pioneering coaching as one of the best tools for prevention.

Mental well-being at the workplace is a journey of many layers, and it is sometimes not so straightforward. However, mental health is as important as physical health.

Depending where you are on your journey, FindYourWay will assist you.




FindYourWay listens to the people in organizations, by giving them ownership and deciding what topics are most urgent to tackle. It might be a challenge to know where to start, but Alessandra will be happy to be a guide in that.
Her programs and methodology are currently used by clients in multinational companies in Switzerland and Europe as well as in universities like Uni St. Gallen. Read about them in the testimonials below.

FindYourWay is pioneering the use of assertive communication into its well-being sessions. Read this article to understand why

- Mental Health Awareness Sessions (1.5 hr, or tailored): A good start is to get informed about what mental health is, why fostering good mental health at the workplace is important and why we need to talk about the elephant in the room and end this taboo.

- Mental Health First Aid conversations for Managers (4 hours):

How do we navigate talking about mental health in a team?

It is important we do not consider it a taboo. In this course I will explain you how.

- Certification in mental health first aid (scroll down for more info)


- Assertive Communication Training and  Listening skills

(half day): honest and open communication facilitates general better well-being and prevent people from unnecessary distress.


  • Group coaching consists in focus groups, of max 15 people, where specific topics are discussed and shared with the guidance of a coach.

  • Science backs up the benefits of sharing in groups because of the accountability that is created.

  • As a company, you can purchase a certain number of coaching hours and we will help you allocate it. We offer a variety of languages too: English, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

  • Exercises, roleplays, and case studies are used to support the employees having tangible results in their challenges. Most wanted topics are stress management, self-confidence, giving feedback, remote work, uncertainty.

  • 1 to 1 sessions at any level are also possible. 



Do you want to take it to the next level and have certified mental health first aiders in your organization? FindYourWay became official partner of Mental Health First Aid Switzerland in 2019, and offers this course to equip your people with tools to recognize mental distress and offering help to others in need.


How to act, how to approach and how to talk about mental health, without being a counsellor or an expert. Pure knowledge, support and listening. Watch the video below to know more or contact us for more info on this certification.

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We are here for you. You can contact us or directly book your strategy call to understand which program to implement and how. 



I think that the mental health first aid course gives a great overview of the most common mental health issues and how to approach them. The sessions were very well organized in terms of interaction, video, roleplays and content. A lot of valuable information and awareness created. Good job