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FindYourWay Coaching provides education and consulting for mental wellbeing at the workplace. 

As a company, we stand for prevention and normalization of mental distress. Through educational programs, trainings and coaching we impact and promote cultural change and wellbeing within companies.

Our main and very distinctive focus is to combine mental wellbeing awareness with the right communication skills, and to do that we provide group trainings but also consulting to leaders and HR for long-term mental wellbeing strategies in organizations.

A company needs to take care of their employees' holistic wellbeing, and it makes total sense both financially and from a health & safety standpoint.

Under the umbrella of prevention, we focus on two pillars: mental wellbeing and communication. See the offer for each pillar and also specific workshops and certifications when they inevitably converge.


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- Mental Health Awareness Sessions (90 minutes): 

  • What is mental health? What is wellbeing? Data on global current situation around mental health.

  • Raising awareness around mental health and the importance of prevention and breaking the stigma.

  • How first signs of mental struggle in others might look like at work.

  • The important and underestimated parallel of physical and mental health: holistic wellbeing.

- Mental Health Lessons: Group Coaching on focused topics:

(120 minutes, max 12 people):

  • Learning the skills to have a proper self-care routine.

  • Reframing uncertainty and fear around hybrid work: digital wellness.

  • Imposter syndrome, negative self-talk and impact on self-esteem.

  • How to place healthy boundaries and be more assertive.

  • Dealing with perfectionism and its impact on mental health.

  • Identify first signs of burnout in yourself and take action (workshop also available).

The mental health lessons are usually designed by surveying the employees as well, however the above topics reflect a high demand.

- Coaching Sessions for HR & Team Leaders: Practical tools to tackle burnout in the organization (duration is tailored by client's needs):

  • Warning signs and symptoms of burnout, backed up by science.

  • Action plan to actively promote self-esteem and decrease imposter syndrome in employees (mindset level).

  • Action plan to prevent burnout on organizational structure level.

  • Recognize and help people preventing remote burnout.

  • Action plan to manage absences and return to work after a mental health problem.

Offers Description


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Offer Description

- Leadership development training: The Art of Saying NO

Prevent burnout by developing this assertive skill

                             (1 full day or 2 half days): 

  • Learn why assertive communication is an important skill, and how saying a few strategic No's contributes to saying YES and to open doors to other things.

  • Learn how to prevent overwhelm and burnout and prioritize tasks when working in the office and remotely.

  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations with your team and influence the organization's communication towards and healthy disagreements (even e-mails and meeting behaviors change!).

  • Learn how stating your needs and boundaries contributes to trust and psychological safety at work.

  • Learn to recognize when attention to details becomes unhealthy perfectionism.



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Offer Description

- Course for leaders: How to handle mental health conversations with reports (4 hours):

  • Managers as role models of mental illness destigmatisation;

  • Identify signals of distress in direct reports. Case studies: how to act where the mental struggle affects performance and how to act when the struggle does not affect performance. How culture can affect different ways of manifesting the struggle.

  • Framework for the a mental health conversation. Preparation for the conversation and execution.

- Mental Health First Aid  Swiss Certification: how to spot first signs of mental distress and provide First Aid as non-expert:

  • Learn the basics of the most common mental illnesses and how to spot signs of distress at work and in your personal environment and act early, even as non-expert;

  • Learn a framework on how to ask a real and genuine "how are you really feeling" to colleagues, friends and family members who might be struggling with their mental health. 

  • Learn what to do in case of emergencies related to mental health (panic attacks, i.e.)

  • Become certified as mental health first aider and be an ambassador of prevention and early intervention in your workplace.

  • The course includes 4 sessions in person or 7 online and each participant gets a comprehensive handbook with the best resources in mental health in different languages. This Certification has been taught around the world since the year 2000.

FindYourWay is an official partner of Mental Health First Aid Switzerland, and offers this course as a webinar or in person, for private corporations, schools, universities and also on public courses. 

Discover heartwarming testimonials and learn more about the course content here

Alessandra, FindYourWay founder, with the first Boston Consulting Group employees who became  mental health first aiders in the corporate courses in Zurich
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Alessandra, FindYourWay Coaching founder and main trainer, has 10 years of corporate communications experience behind her, and she is also an accredited professional coach and Swiss quality standards facilitator.  She works passionately across several languages, and she is not only an expert by experience but also by background: she has a diploma in psychology, an MA in languages & translation and marketing, and  she is a certified trainer of mental health first aid in English and Italian.


She has extensive experience working with international companies, individuals, schools and universities on the topic of mental wellbeing, with a specific angle of how to use communication coaching and upskill trainings as tools for mental distress prevention. She is currently a lecturer at the famous Swiss university of Economics of St Gallen on the topic of digital wellness and self-esteem, and she is often invited as speaker at different universities and professional circles in Europe and Switzerland, where she talks about the power of self-esteem in organizations and how inclusive language is a strategy for mental wellbeing. Visit her profile on Linkedin

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: FindYourWay Coaching does not offer psychotherapeutic support, but we partner up with Swiss employees assistance programs (EAP) that do offer this type of support in case of serious, ongoing and long-term employees' mental health issues.



I think that the mental health first aid course gives a great overview of the most common mental health issues and how to approach them. The sessions were very well organized in terms of interaction, video, roleplays and content. A lot of valuable information and awareness created. Good job