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At FindYourWay Coaching we believe in the equality of physical and mental health. We also stand for prevention and normalization of mental distress.

Creating a long-term strategy to foster mental wellbeing in an organization makes total sense both financially and from a health & safety standpoint.

We work together with HR professionals, team leaders and CEOs to find the best solutions on this important topic.

Depending on where you are on your journey as a company, FindYourWay will assist you. Our offer has 3 main phases/pillars for mental wellbeing:

1.  Mental Health Awareness and Upskilling trainings
2.  Prevention through Coaching Support
3.  Mental Health First Certifications for employees

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Sometimes everything starts with a good intention: giving employees the opportunity to participate in mental wellbeing programs. However, often they do not know what to take part in. Guiding them into awareness on the mental health topic is key. 

Upskilling trainings are an important part of the mental wellbeing journey. FindYourWay Coaching offers communication and social skills trainings with a focus on mental health.
Alessandra's methodology is currently used by clients in multinational companies in Switzerland and Europe and in recognized universities like HSG. Trainings are offered in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

You can have a look as well at our services brochure.


- Mental Health Awareness Sessions (1.5 hour):  What is mental wellbeing, why fostering good mental health at the workplace is important and how to decrease stigma.

Global trends on mental wellbeing are shown, together with a taster of interactive exercises on self-care and stress management.

-Assertiveness Skills Training for stress management (4 hours): A hands-on training on being more self-assertive at work, placing boundaries and establishing non-violent communication best practices. By learning how to do so, we impact  the company culture and communication style towards a more compassionate, authentic and proactive company culture, and we make burnout prevention.

- Managers: Preparation for mental health conversations with reports (4 hours)

How do we navigate talking about mental health in a team or in a one to one conversation at work? What do we say if we notice a different behavior or suspect poor mental health?

It is important we do not consider this as a  taboo talk. In this course Alessandra will explain you how to do that step by step.

Trainings Description


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Coaching is an excellent tool for stress prevention and personal development, because it is a guidance and a conversation moment on topics that might not always be tackled at work.

Alessandra and her team have extensive experience in coaching both groups and individuals. Furthermore, everyone in the team is a  mental health first aiders, so we can spot signs of overwhelm in people and direct them to professional help or counseling.​

How does it work?

  • Coaching groups are max 15 people;

  • Individual coaching can be done during office hours or after work, either in person or online;

  • The organization purchases a number of hours and we will help you allocate it. We offer a variety of languages too: English, Italian, Spanish, German and French.

  • Most wanted topics are stress management, self-care, feedback, remote work, self-esteem, difficult conversations, digital wellness. 

  • Confidentiality at all times


This certification is the pillar of prevention and early intervention when it comes to mental health at work: detect early signs of distress in others, act, open the conversation, support and encourage professional help. And you don't need to be an expert to do that, just as you don't need to be a doctor to provide physical first aid.


The course includes 4 sessions in person or 7 online and each participant gets a comprehensive handbook with the best resources in mental health in different languages. This Certification has been taught around the world since the year 2000.

 FindYourWay is an official partner of Mental Health First Aid Switzerland, and offers this course as a webinar or in person, for private corporations, schools, universities and also on public courses. Read more about the content here.


Discover heartwarming testimonials and watch the video below to know more about it or contact us.

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Feedback of one of the participants of the public courses in English
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Alessandra, FindYourWay founder, with the first Boston Consulting Group employees who became  mental health first aiders in the corporate courses in Zurich

Breakfast with Wellbeing is a series of events for HR professionals, L&D managers, mental wellbeing managers and people committed to implement mental wellbeing strategies within organizations and who would like to learn to discover our mental wellbeing programs.











The free online monthly sessions of 45 minutes are facilitated by Alessandra, FindYourWay Coaching founder, mental wellbeing strategist and mental first aid instructor. She will walk you through the main strategies to ensure long-term wellbeing in your organization and will clarify what works and what doesn't based on your company needs.











Alessandra has 10 years of corporate communications experience behind her, she is also an accredited professional coach.  She works passionately across several languages, and she is not only an expert by experience but also by background: she has a diploma in psychology, master degrees in languages & translation and marketing, and  she is an expert facilitator and certified trainer of mental health first aid in English and Italian. She has extensive experience working with international companies, individuals, schools and universities on the topic of mental wellbeing, with a specific angle of how to use communication coaching and upskill trainings as tools for mental distress prevention. 


Alessandra is also a guest speaker at universities and professional women circles in Europe and Switzerland, where she talks about the power of self-esteem in organizations and how inclusive language is a strategy for mental wellbeing

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I think that the mental health first aid course gives a great overview of the most common mental health issues and how to approach them. The sessions were very well organized in terms of interaction, video, roleplays and content. A lot of valuable information and awareness created. Good job