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The Why and the Strategy behind this educational program for companies:

The mental wellbeing of every individual is profoundly influenced by the element of communication  in all areas of  life.  In a corporate setting, employees' mental wellbeing is greatly impacted by the way communication unfolds within the organization. Several levels of communication can ultimately affect employees' overall sense of wellbeing:

  • Communication with internal stakeholders (colleagues and individuals they interact with regularly, even if not directly in their team).

  • Communication within their team and with their direct manager.

  • Communication with clients and external stakeholders, where saying NO may be challenging due to urgent demands.

Within these interactions, various elements of communication come into play: providing feedback, navigating difficult conversations, making requests or setting boundaries, and most importantly, actively listening and empathetically connecting with others. When we fail to communicate truthfully, compassionately, and assertively, we encounter the following problems:

  • Fear of conflict, which might actually be an opportunity for a constructive conversation.

  • Poor delivery of feedback, hindering growth for both the giver and receiver.

  • Creative stagnation, impeding progress in projects and initiatives.

  • A tense atmosphere at work, leading to an unfavorable company culture.

  • Mental health issues like burnout, often caused by overpromising, lack of workload clarity, or the habitual use of violent or abusive language.

While some situations require navigating discomfort, engaging in assertive communication and developing an assertive mindset empower individuals to express their needs clearly. This approach fosters greater mental wellbeing at a company-wide level, resulting in reduced discomfort. It calls for honesty and simple yet meaningful gestures like asking, "How are you feeling?" to create a safe and trusting environment.

Never stop communicating. It's for your company's sake

Depending which angle of communication skills your company wants to focus on, FindYourWay Coaching can assist you with our signature training: Assertiveness Training: Building Healthy Communication At The Workplace

What to be expected from this dynamic training: 

  • Mastering the Art of Saying NO: Embrace boundary-setting to prevent burnout while fostering non-violent communication. Learn how to skillfully express yourself without explicitly uttering the word "NO," all while maintaining positive work relationships.

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations with Confidence: Gain the tools to approach potentially challenging discussions with more ease. Explore how e-mail culture can impact communication and increase the risk of misunderstandings.

  • The importance of "I statements" and open questions to ask for cooperation, make clear requests and manage stress.

  • Demands versus requests: being able to ask for anything with the right tone, choice of words and non-verbal language.

  • The power of truthful feedback: believing in ourselves at work and on what we have to say. Feedback does not only mean to inform somebody of their performance, it means self-initiative to trigger change as well.


All elements of this comprehensive program are meticulously crafted by our founder, Alessandra Patti, and have consistently delivered exceptional results across diverse companies and universities since 2017:

📈 87% of participants reported heightened awareness on burnout prevention.

📈 52% experienced increased confidence in their communication skills after only half day training.

📈 80% expressed a strong desire to make this training mandatory within their company.

📈 90% of master-level students felt better prepared to excel in the corporate world.

Should you prefer to focus on specific training elements individually, we offer customizable workshops and coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

At FindYourWay Coaching, our unique asset lies at the intersection of mental wellbeing coaching and communication training. Our methodology is not just theoretical; it delivers tangible results. By honing your assertiveness and communication skills, you fortify your mental wellbeing, fostering resilience through transparency, clarity, and reduced uncertainty.

🌐 Discover our practical, multilingual, hands-on, and interactive approach today, where MENTAL WELLBEING AND ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION ARE MADE PRACTICAL.

                                                              Reach out to us, and we'll gladly address any inquiries you may have.

Meet The Trainer

This training is facilitated by our founder Alessandra Patti, professional trainer and highly experienced on the topics of assertive communication and mental wellbeing at the workplace. Her ideas on how to bridge assertiveness and mental wellbeing were featured by World Radio Switzerland in 2023. Listen here.

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