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Workplace Mental Well-being

At FindYourWay Coaching we build for your company a training constellation that creates and promotes long-term organizational wellbeing and sustains the ideas of prevention through reskilling.
These are some of the elements we offer in our trainings and coaching:


  • Communication: we teach employees at all levels to communicate at their best and how this impacts company culture.

  • Psychological safety: we help leaders facilitate the need for employees to speak up their mind without fear of consequences.

  • Practical stress management and productivity tools to foster mental wellbeing and healthier relationship with the digital too.

  • Mental health first aid: recognizing mental distress and intervene early makes sense for every organization's talents.

  • Fostering belonging, celebration and community over competition, which fosters inclusion.

As a company, we stand for equality of mental and physical health. We also believe that mental wellbeing education can never be separated from diversity and inclusion best practices. And we do all this through a research-based methodology and a practical mindset for our group trainings and individual coachings.
Our main and very distinctive focus is to combine mental wellbeing coaching with assertive communication training, which has proved to be a great tool for healthier organizations.

See our signature workshops along with official certifications. We teach in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Mental Well-being Awareness, Coaching & Microtalks

87% of employees from ResponsAbility AG reported improvement in their communication skills after undergoing just two coaching sessions.

  • Mental Health Awareness Sessions for the whole company (90 to 120 min): 

    • What is mental health? What is wellbeing? Data on global current situation around mental health.

    • Raising awareness around mental health and the importance of prevention and breaking the stigma.

    • How first signs of mental struggle in others might look like at work and how to start a simple but meaningful conversation.

    • The important and underestimated parallel of physical and mental health: how to practice self-care with practical tips.

  • Mental Health Lessons - Group Coaching on focused topics (120 minutes per session):

    • Learn to be resilient, manage stress and practice self-care.

    • Enhance productivity during hybrid work and manage workload & routine.

    • Address imposter syndrome, minimize negative self-dialogue, and enhance self-esteem at work.

    • Master difficult conversations & place boundaries: be assertive.

    • Embrace excellence over perfectionism: empowering tools for thriving Instead of feeling stuck.

    • Deal with uncertainty, change and new transitions.

The mental health lessons are designed for small groups of max 10 people. The topics can however be tailored for longer workshops of up to 25 participants, offered as micro-talks and/or lunch and learn sessions.

Effective Communication: Assertiveness Course
Image by Toa Heftiba

60% of participants observe an enhancement in their assertiveness, and 80% expressed a preference for making the training mandatory.

(6 sessions x 2 hours)

  • Learn why assertive communication is an important skill, and how saying a few strategic No's contributes to saying YES and to open doors to other things.

  • Learn how to prevent overwhelm and burnout and prioritize tasks when working in the office and remotely.

  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations with your team and influence the organization's communication towards and healthy disagreements (even e-mails and meeting behaviors change!).

  • Learn how stating your needs and boundaries contributes to trust and psychological safety at work.

  • Learn to recognize when attention to details becomes unhealthy perfectionism.


The Digital Well-being Course
Digital Gadgets

This course has been piloted in tech companies and universities and resulted in increased awareness of how to use digital tools mindfully.

Make sense of your digital life (6 hours split in 3 sessions)

  • Digital habits: how is the relationship with our phone and digital tools. How to protect our mental wellbeing

  • Time management strategies for digital work.

  • Email and professional chats etiquette.

  • Managing distractions related to WhatsApp and social media.

  • How to do a periodical social media detox.

  • Importance of breaks and setting boundaries to avoid burnout.

Option to combine the digital wellbeing and assertive communication for your organization is possible.

Mental Health First Aid Trainings And Certificates
Group picture.jpg

The first employees from Boston Consulting Group in Zurich who completed the mental health first aid training. 

Training 1: Mental Health First Aid Swiss Certification

  • How to spot first signs of mental distress and provide First Aid as non-expert:

    • Learn the basics of the most common mental illnesses and how to spot signs of distress at work and in your personal environment and act early, even as non-expert;

    • Learn a framework on how to ask a real and genuine "how are you really feeling" to colleagues, friends and family members who might be struggling with their mental health. 

    • Learn what to do in case of emergencies related to mental health (panic attacks, i.e.)

    • Become certified as mental health first aider and be an ambassador of prevention and early intervention in your workplace.

    • The course includes 4 sessions in person or 7 online and each participant gets a comprehensive handbook with the best resources in mental health in different languages. This Certification has been taught around the world since the year 2000.​

FindYourWay is an official partner of Mental Health First Aid Switzerland, and offers this course as a webinar or in person, for private corporations, schools, universities and also on public courses. Get The Course Content Here.

Training 2: Empowering Leaders to Hold Mental Health Conversations with Reports

(4 Hours)

  • Recognizing Signs of Employee Distress:
    Learn how to identify signs of mental distress in your team members.

  • Taking Action to Communicate and Support:
    Develop an action plan to engage in meaningful conversations with your employees and provide the support they need.

  • Preparing for Mental Health Conversations:
    Discover how to effectively prepare for discussions about mental health, even if you're not an expert.

  • Guiding Employees to Professional Help:
    Learn how to guide your team members toward professional assistance without invading their privacy.

  • Managing Team Communications during Burnout:
    Understand how to handle team communications when burnout affects your team.

This course can also be adapted to HR business partners who are not line managers.

kelly testimonial.JPG
Leadership Coaching

Here a testimonial from Wellbeing Project Lead and HR manager at Cern, Marie-Luce Falipou:
"Alessandra's face to face coaching proved invaluable to me as Well-being Project Leader and HR professional. She is very much aware of latest trends and future challenges ahead. Her focus on communication and easy to apply practices when dealing with mental health at work are an asset to strategies I am presently working on. Her holistic and innovative approach for return to work & associated communication is very innovative, and I have certainly improved my active listening skills".

Leadership coaching helps individuals improve their abilities to lead more effectively. Leadership coaching is designed for managers at all levels of an organization, including the executive level. FindYourWay Leadership coaching provides guidance to leaders in their effort to implement mental wellbeing best practices at the workplace, but it also inevitably supports them in their growth and communication skills as leaders. Many HR professionals, team leaders and senior directors contact us to:

  • Be coached  on how to deal with team dynamics following a mental illness in the team, and  communicate it with confidentiality;

  • Implement guidelines for prevention of mental distress at work and the most adequate trainings for the organization wellbeing

  • Learn about return to work guidelines when employees come back from a burnout or prolonged mental distress;

  • Handle mental health conversations with their reports or mentor their leaders on how to communicate at their best;


This can be done with specific "schooling" days for the individual, or through a series of in person or virtual coaching sessions.

We have a very personal and practical approach, with actions and communication techniques that can be implemented quickly.

Our customers have found this approach very effective, when it comes to employees wellbeing and team dynamics when it comes to mental health. Furthermoe, leaders can work on their own goals and personal development, which has clearly a direct impact on the organization.

Faculty - Alessandra Patti

Alessandra Patti, FindYourWay Coaching founder and main trainer, has 10 years of corporate experience, and she is also an accredited professional coach and an official trainer for the Swiss Federation of adults learning.  She works passionately across several languages, and she is not only an expert by experience but also by background: she has a degree in psychology, an MA in languages & translation and marketing, and she is a certified trainer of mental health first aid in English and Italian.


The trainings have been held at international companies and universities such as CERN, RESPONSABILITY AG, ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS, UBS, JULIUS BÄR, PICTET, ETH, PXL VISION, NESTLE.


She is currently a lecturer at the famous Swiss university of Economics of St Gallen and is invited monthly to speak about wellbeing on World Radio Switzerland.

Important Information: FindYourWay Coaching does not offer psychotherapeutic support, but we partner up with Swiss employees assistance programs (EAP) that do offer this type of support in case of serious, ongoing and long-term employees' mental health issues.


Alessandra's coaching proved invaluable to me as Well-being Project Leader and HR professional. She is very much aware of latest trends and future challenges ahead. Her focus on communication and easy to apply practices when dealing with mental health at work are an asset to strategies I am working on.

Marie-Luce Falipou, HR & Head of Wellbeing Projects

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