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The Digital Wellbeing Course is a unique course centered around an important goal: making sense of our digital life. We clearly have both an analogue and digital life nowadays, and the level of stress in juggling them both seems to have skyrocketed. Not to mention the global lack of sleep due to the use of blue light devices. The distractions, the feeling of having to be always available, and also the amount of emails and messages that seem like an untidy pile of boxes: our brain asks for a rest. But it is not easy! Digital, especially social media, can be very rewarding. Through this course we make sense of how we can manage our digital life in many aspects: socials, phone, emails, and also how we can adjust it to our biology in a very simple way. Saying a few NOs to constant availability and also reflecting on what is important for us will be part of this class too. We will use science-based methodology and educational and coaching elements for you to feel absolutely at home.

Online Course

Course Format

The Course can be organized in person or LIVE on Zoom digital platform. The duration is 2 half days. It's interactive and practical!

Science Courses

Course Content

  • Digital habits: how is the relationship with our phone and the digital.

  • How to do a short social media detox.

  • Do hybrid work in a balanced way

  • Email etiquette.

  • Managing distractions related to phone, WhatsApp and office chats.

  • How to live a balanced online and offline life.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Course Benefits

In the past 3 years FindYourWay Coaching piloted this course in well-known universities in Switzerland and in tech companies. Participants have experienced a 60% reduction in stress and physical pain only by taking part in the "digital detox" section of the course, which we will explore on day 2 of our course together.

The benefits of reflecting more on your digital life are immense, because you start to be the manager of your digital tools and not the other way around!

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