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Coaching For Individuals

FindYourWay offers coaching sessions to both individuals and corporations seeking to provide their employees with opportunities for personal growth and mental well-being.

Coaching is currently the second global fastest growing industry, and science has shown the benefits of coaching for mental wellbeing. To get more familiar with coaching, you can start with a Free Call With Us.

See the summary below on how we can collaborate together. 


Self-assertiveness means standing up for ourselves, being able to make conscious decisions about what we want and need in life and communicate that to others in a confident way.  


Becoming assertive is life changing. It increases mental wellbeing and makes us using communication effectively. Assertiveness is proven to decrease burnout and improve stress management and interpersonal skills.

In this coaching program you will learn to:

  • Increase your self-esteem and understand yourself better.

  • Place healthy boundaries and not feeling the fear of missing out.

  • Say NO with less guilt.

  • Improve your communication skills especially in making requests and handle difficult conversations or conflicts in professional and personal settings.

  • Acknowledging your success and celebrating it, stopping imposter syndrome.


Did you know that our mental health is fluid? It changes over time, so it is OK not to be OK sometimes.

As you would take care of your physical health preventative way, I help you with your mental struggle prevention and create a step-by-step self-care routine!

Self-care is not a luxury but a need. It helps us maintaining our health and gaining more resilience to everyday challenges.

  • Maybe you are working from home and want to avoid burnout;

  • Or you feel unsatisfied or in a transition and would like to reflect more on the next steps for your mental wellbeing;

  • Perhaps you want to know how to manage stress and growing anxiety and gain more self-compassion.

If you feel you might need help but are not sure about a psychotherapist or a coach, as a mental health first aider I can signpost you and encourage further professional steps. I got you!


In our society it feels like there is always somewhere to go, something to learn and many messages to respond to! It might be true, but we need to silence that noise sometimes, and create a routine that works for us and for our uniqueness! 

Through this coaching, you'll learn to:

  • Create discipline in your professional and personal routine.

  • Prioritize tasks with some powerful reflections on your time management.

  • Insert some more reading in your routine or pursue a new hobby without feeling too overwhelmed.

  • Get some digital wellness tips on how to use your phone, email and socials.

  • Recognizing some unhealthy perfectionism and stop procrastinating. You will be more in control of your time.

Alessandra Patti_highres.png

I am a person who likes living fully. I like living well, communicating well and being a thriving and kind human being. I know life can challenge our mental and physical health and there are things we cannot control, but we can consciously choose to live and communicate well for our own wellbeing and for the one of the people surrounding us. I am here to support you exactly in this!  By engaging on coaching, all aspects of your life will change and improve. Truly.

My type of coaching is a holistic experience, and I am very personal. I use a blend of coaching and mentoring. I support you becoming the authentic you and live closer to your values and needs (self-assertiveness), but I also teach you how to communicate with more confidence and manage your time with better boundaries. The side effect? Better Emotional Health And Mental Wellbeing.

My clients tell me that through the questions I pose them, I "unlock" their brain. This is a work that we do together as coach and client, and you will feel safe and empowered. It is important that you feel comfortable in the session. I can speak English, Italian, Spanish, And French.

Since I work on the realm of prevention and I'm a mental health first aider, shall you have deeper emotional issues to work through, I have a mental health network of professionals that I can recommend you to. 

Interested in mental wellbeing programs and trainings for your company? Have a look here

Do You Know That The Power To Grow Is Already Inside Ourselves? Sometimes We Just Need The Tools From Someone.  Get Access To My Free Worksheets!


I'm instinctively a skeptical person but I met Alessandra in a difficult moment of my life and I took it a bit as a destiny sign and I feel absolutely blessed about it! What I loved about our coaching sessions is that I got real outcomes that I can implement in my day to day life. Each day I feel more stable and present rather than being overwhelmed by my thoughts. And I feel like for the first time in a very long time I am making decisions for ME. ​

— ​ ​ A., England

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