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A few tips to focus and read a bit more!

Aren't books amazing? The way the feel when you touch them. How their title gives comfort when you are looking for an answer. I truly love them.

They seem easy to love, however sometimes they are not easy to ready or to finish. Talking with some of my clients, it looks like they find it hard to make time for reading. It seems to be a common issue, which has to do with concentration, on one hand, and on the other hand it has to do with priorities. "Making the time" to read is the issue.

Do not worry! As anything else you struggle with, there is always a solution. If you love reading, you have to make a date with your book. As you do with the people you love, as you would do with something you care. Here a few tips on this:

- Commuting: what is the best time to read, if you are travelling by train to work? The commute. If you are driving to work, you can use an audio book. They are amazing and catch your attention totally!!

- In the morning, while you are sipping your coffee, you can open the book. Set a mini-goal: 5 to 10 minutes per day, in the morning.

- Lunch break: if you have an hour break, why not using 15 minutes to read before you eat? Then you can go with your colleagues and be sociable!

- Imagine a date with yourself. You have a good meal and then 10 pages of your favorite book!

Start like this, and you will feel the difference. Because if you feel it like a pressure or an obligation.. it won't work.

And remember... you can actually appeal to one of the readers' rights: THE RIGHT NOT TO FINISH A BOOK, and start another one that thrills you more!

MAKE PRIORITIES! READ A BIT! :) I'm here holding your hand while you do it!

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