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Do I fit or don't I fit: here is the question

I go to the swimming pool every week here in Zurich. You need a card to get in, which is made of plastic and has a kind of little pocket inside. I see a lady placing a 5 CHF coin in that pocket.

To be able to lock your stuff, you need a 5 CHF coin in the locker, and then you are good to go.

I never seem to be able to find those 5 CHF, I always keep them aside, but then I manage to spend them for coffee or whatever, parking, etc. And then I cannot lock my stuff and I have to ask for change or beg for coins.

Why can't I just place those 5 CHF like that lady? In the plastic pocket. Therefore, every time I take the plastic card to enter the swimming pool, I can have the coin to lock my stuff too. Genius. Swiss always think of these things. It's amazing, they amaze me even after 10 years. The practical thinking, something that I deeply admire about them, is so useful. I did what the lady did, and I am so proud. Now I always have those 5 CHF. I don't have to go to some shop and ask for change (which by the way, it's such an Italian thing to do. And people help you, no matter what), I just have to go and be. How nice.

After almost 10 years here I find myself always asking me whether I am a fit or not. I honestly have adapted quite well, but I don't believe I am actually a fit. Why? Because my emotional and gut side will always be prevalent. But I love to adopt the practical side of this country and I admire that everything goes so smoothly.

Practicing assertiveness coaching, I always think: is Switzerland an assertive country? Because people think usually that to be assertive you have to be practical. I think that in order to be assertive you have to actually know whether your practicality allows you to be clear about what you want. If you are practical, but you do not communicate, nobody will know what you need. If you are emotional but you hide it, people won't know what you need. It is a question of mindset.

Therefore my final question to myself is not whether I fit or not, but whether I can communicate my way of being here and be accepted for who I am.

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