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Expectations and taking it personally..quick thoughts!

Usually, there are many participants for my monthly meetup. However, due to bad weather and holidays, at the last one, there was only 1, instead of the usual 15! Obviously, the first reaction was "mm... Probably the fact that I changed location last minute had something to do with that. Or maybe holidays, or well, the setting this time was an apero rather than the usual school set up. But that was on purpose to celebrate our meetup and to chill, which is very important for a group.

Then I realized. I was not angry or disappointed. I just accepted it for what it was. That did not make my meetup or me less important. How did I not take this personally? I only applied one of the assertiveness rules: love and respect yourself. This means because I cannot place my business expectations externally, and I cannot make everyone come to every meetup, I just accepted it how it was.

I guess what I am trying to say is: if you have more self-love than you won't have to look for constant proof of your worth. The worth is inside you, and believe me, this way you will have way fewer disappointments.

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