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On the importance of sharing

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I used to think that, in any kind of relationship, the best possible thing was to share the happy moments only. I thought that the meaning of a relationship was for the other person to see me as a pillar, strong and cheerful, therefore I used to live my unhappy moments alone or hidden talking over the phone with friends at midnight. Or pretending it wasn't a big deal, whatever thing was happening to me.

If you are also doing that, please don't! Remember one thing: people should like you for who you are, not for what you can provide! You feel you are being a nag sometimes? It is OK. You are a nag today, but tomorrow you are also a cool person, self-confident and interesting.

Don't fear to be bothering the other person with your problems. What you feel it is valid. And if the other person that shares the life with you can acknowledge your moment of down and can live through your own pain, and maybe also help you in making it smaller, then it is perfect! This is called "sharing". This is what creates a family, basically. The same thing happens with friends. You should not have around people only when you are super extra happy, but also when you feel sad and not understood.

The other day I was reading a quote from a super old diary of mine, in which I had written down something like "there is always a book that saves your life". Very true! Share your favorite book or quote with the people you like, write it on Facebook if you want, let it just help you in those moments you feel you are not you.

This will also help you saying no more often, to situations you don't like. Because you will know that no matter what, the people that share a life with you and really love you, will accept you for who you are, and will be able to take a NO sometimes!

Sharing is caring!

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